All proceeds will be donated to a global conservation organization (Only available in the U.S at this time.)

Buy Swag & Help Save Chubby Unicorns 🦄

Each month, we will donate all proceeds to a global conservation organization to help save rhinos from extinction. 

Buy Swag, Save Chubby Unicorns🦄

SCYTHE will use the Swag Store to help raise money and save our chubby unicorn friends.

Many species of Rhinos have struggled to survive all over the world because of poaching for their horns.  Today, very few survive outside of Reserves and National Parks. Rhinos are in need of a great amount of financial support in order  to fund their protection, and their future on this planet depends on it.  This means the world to us, so we decided to get involved and do our part.  Each month, we will donate all proceeds from our Swag store to a global conservation organization  in an effort to care for these beautiful animals, and make sure they are around for many years to come.  So, take a look around!  Enjoy the SCYTHE Swag and remember that every purchase will help save a chubby unicorns life.

We plan to add more exciting swag over time.
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